Secure Cost-Effective HR Advice

The high cost of HR departments, or lack of access to such resources, can negatively impact your bottom-line. Unfair dismissal, poorly managed workers, and other HR/Compliance missteps can cost you thousands in compensation claims and lawsuits, taking away valuable resources from your core business while damaging your employment brand.

Gaining access to the right, cost-effective solutions will provide you with the professional advice you need to limit your personal and corporate liability.

Solutions to secure cost-effective HR advice include:

HR Help Line

Interact with an HR expert by telephone or e-mail and receive tailored advice on how to properly address and resolve your people issues effectively and in compliance with the law.


Health and Safety Academy

By joining our Health and Safety Academy, you gain access to over 1200 online health, safety, and compliance courses, which your employees can access 24/7. If you need customized health and safety training, our HR consultants can help you develop and deliver the courses.