Drake P3 is a behavioural assessment solution that uses objective, scientifically-based data to highlight traits, communication and motivational needs predictive of workplace performance. The assessment allows you to get to KNOW people BETTER, FASTER. Conducted online, it takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and provides insights from "Selection to Succession". P3 will assist you in using personality traits to select the 'right' fit, onboard new hires, enhance team work, identify and develop talent as well as motivate top performers.

Drake P3's true power comes from its applications at every step in the talent management cycle. You can use some or all of Drake P3's available applications to cover a full range of recruitment, hiring, leadership development, team building, succession planning, and communication needs.


Candidates or employees complete a brief survey (about 15 minutes). A high-level summary can automatically be made available to the candidate or employee who completed the survey and the employer is able to generate a detailed, 13-page personality profile that highlights:

  • Key personality/behavioural traits
  • Behaviour in the workplace
  • Key strengths and motivators as well as de-motivators
  • Leadership style
  • Decision-making style
  • Emotional intelligence levels
  • Stress and energy levels
  • Personal learning styles

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