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Complying with employment laws in your province is easy when you have The Human Resources Advisor™ (HRA) at your side. The A–Z manual provides you with comprehensive and authoritative answers to your daily employment law and payroll questions. The HRA includes an online version for easy access to the information and tools you need, plus a handy loose-leaf desktop manual for quick reference.

You can use the HRA to:

  • Effectively manage your HR and payroll processes
  • Quickly find the answers to your employment-related questions
  • Access 100s of essential HR and government forms
  • Comply with employment-related laws including employment standards, accessibility, workplace health and safety and human rights
  • Stay up to date on the latest legal and regulatory requirements
  • Confidently respond to employee complaints and queries
  • Manage discipline and terminations
  • Conduct effective investigations
  • Understand and improve absenteeism
  • Minimize violence, harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Create a safe and healthy workplace
  • Reduce legal liabilities and learn to avoid legal missteps
  • And much more!

The online HRA features a powerful search function and weekly updates and is accessible anywhere and from any device. You also get the weekly Inside HRA™ newsletter, with insights into the latest developments and product updates. The print manual is updated six times a year.

Click your jurisdiction below to see HRA’s comprehensive coverage of payroll and employment law, as well as HR best practices, then click the link at the right to take a free trial. Use HRA for 30 days and learn that it’s like having an HR manager on staff.

We provide you three editions (PDFs):

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Ontario Edition
Atlantic Edition
Western Edition

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