poor employee relations

Improving your employee relation practices will create stronger communication between employees, colleagues, and management; preventing problems that negatively impact productivity and performance. Intelligent Help provides its members access to HR Solutions that will enhance employee relations.

Solutions to poor employee relations include:

Work Life Balance

40% of employees say they would leave a job for greater work–life balance. Intelligent Help provides advice to facilitate effective work-life balance strategies providing your organization a healthy culture and competitive edge.


Health and Safety Academy

By joining our Health and Safety Academy, you gain access to over 1200 online health, safety, and compliance courses, which your employees can access 24/7. If you need customized health and safety training, our HR consultants can help you develop and deliver the courses.


Personality and Skills Assessments

Assess prospective, new, and existing employees to determine the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and cultural fit to hire the best and develop existing talent to drive business objectives.


HR Help Line

Interact with an HR expert by telephone or e-mail and receive advice on how to properly address and resolve your people issues effectively and in compliance with the law.