high turnover

Turnover is often undesirable and unproductive. Many factors within an organization can lead to high turnover. Among the top reasons are poor recruitment processes, leadership challenges, lack of opportunities for career growth, poor work–life balance, and uncompetitive compensation. By gaining insights into the root causes of turnover, you will be able to build and nurture high-performing and engaged teams to improve upon your business results. Intelligent Help members gain access to a robust suite of HR Solutions that provides key insights to assist in managing human capital issues and help reduce costly turnover.

Solutions to high turnover include:

Exit Interviews

Obtain key data on why your employees are leaving, understand performance-related and cultural issues so you can prevent future turnover and retain your top talent.


HR Help Line

Interact with an HR expert by telephone or e-mail and receive tailored advice on how to properly address and resolve your people issues effectively and in compliance with the law.


Engagement Surveys

Improve employee loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement by uncovering what your employees are saying about their work, your company, and leadership.


Personality and Skills Assessments

Assess prospective, new, and existing employees to determine the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and cultural fit to hire the best and develop existing talent to drive business objectives.


Compensation Surveys

Discover if you are paying your people what the market indicates and if your compensation program is a barrier to attracting and retaining top talent.