Finding top talent

One of today's top business challenges is finding and retaining top talent.

Whether you are looking for entry-level or senior-level staff, Intelligent Help's 12 Steps to Selection Success will ensure you hire the right talent the first time.

Solutions to find top talent include:

Recruitment Solutions

Fill your current full-time vacancies, contract positions, and flexible staffing requirements through Drake's extensive network of branches across Canada.


Personality and Skills Assessments

Assess prospective, new, and existing employees to determine the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and cultural fit to hire the best and develop existing talent to drive business objectives.


Engagement Surveys

Improve employee loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement by uncovering what your employees are saying about their work, your company, and leadership.


Thought Leadership

Our commitment to thought leadership extends to providing easy access to all members to latest articles, research, industry best practices on HR and Talent Management in order to equip you with the knowledge to effectively acquire, manage and develop your people.